Special Wine Search Service

You need a particular wine.
You had the most unbelievable wine for dinner last week, and you just have to have more. Or, it's your special someone's birthday (1957). Or, your boss just loves a particular 1982 Bordeaux. Now, how to find it? Alan's Wine Cellar's Wine Search Service is what you need.
Alan Abrams will discuss your needs, whether it's a particular wine or a particular year. Then the number of bottles you want, the timing, and your budget. Alan will then go to his sources for the bottle you want. He'll check the provenance (the bottle's history), the ullage (the level of wine in the bottle), the condition of the labels, and the cost.
You'll be given all this information, then you choose whether to buy. This service is priced at a flat $50 fee for each different wine requested. If you want to purchase the wine, Alan's Wine Cellar will arrange for you to buy it. The cost for this service is included in the above fee. If Alan cannot find the wine you seek, there is no charge.