Private Wine Classes
Alan's Wine Cellar presents "An Introduction to Wine"

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What's Different About These Classes?
This is a comprehensive, in-depth wine course that can be customized to your needs. The number of sessions, when they are given, the course location, and to some degree, the content can be tailored to your particular circumstances, level of wine knowledge, and specific interest. The number of students per class is small so everyone is engaged in the learning.
Why take this course?
You enjoy wine. You buy lots of different wines. Maybe you have lots of wine conversations with friends and retailers. And now you feel that there's so much more you'd like to know about all aspects of wine so you'll be really knowledgeable. Upon completion of this course, you will have more wine knowledge than 95% of the people in the United States. And you'll have a great time getting there. The course is designed to impart knowledge, but in a fun, supportive, non-intimidating manner.
Who should take this course?
A small group of from 4 to 12 of your friends or business associates. Or you and a small group of clients, customers, or employees.
The students' level of wine knowledge is not a factor because the content can be customized to your group's interest and knowledge level, whether beginner or more advanced student-.
What is in the course?
The basic course is designed to be given in four 2-hour sessions, each with a wine tasting included:
  1. Wine Background (history, grapes, health, classifications)
  2. Growing Grapes and Making Wine
  3. Tour of Wine Around the World (including how to read each country's wine labels)
  4. Wine Tasting Fundamentals and Wine & Food Pairing
Each participant receives a 50+ page course notebook with all class information including maps and several unique and instructive handouts.
When are the sessions given?
The sessions are scheduled at your convenience. They can be any day of the week and spaced to make the learning comfortable and convenient. What has worked well in the past is an eight-week course with four sessions scheduled every other Saturday afternoon.
Where is the course held?
Anywhere you want. Suggested venues are in your home or office, or in a rented facility.
What to do now?
Contact Alan's Wine Cellar now for a proposal and to schedule dates for your class.