Custom-designed Wine Cellars to Fit Your Lifestyle

Your New Cellar
The concepts for our wine cellars come not only from being an aficionado of wine, but also from years in the wine business. We understand how to take care of wine.
We think of details like racking for different size bottles, proper insulation and refrigeration needs, as well as lighting and special bottle displays. We even provide you with a software program to help you locate each bottle and store key information about the wine in your cellar.
The perfect custom wine cellar starts with the design. And our designs give you a personally-tailored wine cellar that becomes more than just a place to store wine - it becomes a place to fit your lifestyle.
How We Work
We'll start with an in-depth interview to determine your needs and design parameters.
Next, an inspection of the proposed cellar site is conducted to insure the cellar "works" with the rest of the house or facility.
We'll set a budget for design and/or construction, to which we strictly adhere.
You quickly see concept sketches and ideas for the "aesthetics".
Then... the final drawings.
To insure a quality installation, you can use one of our expert craftsmen, or we can work with your contractor or builder.
What to Expect
Expect all details to be thought of and discussed.
Expect plans to be developed faster than you anticipate.
Expect to stay within your budget.
Expect no surprises.
Expect to be proud of your new cellar.
Scope of Projects
We design high quality wine cellars to custom fit your needs and lifestyle.
We have designed a range of cellar sizes from closet conversions to larger installations.
Regardless of size, your cellar can be elaborate to serve as a showplace or utilitarian for storage only.
We design every aspect of your cellar environment from ceiling to floor, wall to wall, including temperature control, insulation, lighting, counters, and racking for all size bottles.
Plus, we start you with a computer database so you can find your wine in the cellar!
Who We Are
Alan Abrams is Cellarmaster of Alan's Wine Cellar. He has been certified as a CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) by the Society of Wine Educators.
He has designed beautiful, functional cellars of all types from closet conversions to larger installations. Alan's innovative designs are sure to meet your every need, and the materials and sources used are only the very best.
Alan has been involved with the wine industry since 1984 when he began advertising and marketing major wine brands. Since then he has become an avid wine collector with a cellar of his own design. References available.
Contact Us Now
For more information about our services, or for a proposal for a specific design, call today.
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