We always make every effort to ensure that your orders are shipped out promptly and efficiently. Orders will generally be shipped out within 2-5 business days. Please allow from 5 to 8 business days for delivery.
All orders containing alcoholic beverages are shipped out from licensed facilities. Because of the "three-tier" system (producer, wholesaler, retailer) through which most alcoholic products must pass in the United States, distribution and shipping of alcoholic products can be quite complicated. The shipping charges are based on standard rates available through national carriers such as UPS or Fedex.
Individual Wine Shipments
Separate orders for individual wine products generally arrive within 3 to 4 business days of the order to states that permit direct shipment (reciprocal states). For non-reciprocal states (states that prohibit direct interstate shipment), more time is required for delivery. In addition, shipping fees may be slightly higher, as several state entities need to be involved to ensure that products pass through the distribution system in compliance with all state and local laws. Shipments to these states are consolidated in California and generally shipped out twice a month. The actual time between placing the order and receipt of the product can vary between 2 and 5 weeks, depending on when the order is placed in relation to the next bulk shipment.
Why is there such a big difference in delivery times?
There are some states that permit direct shipment of alcoholic products from out-of-state producers or licensed retailers ("reciprocal" states), provided that the necessary permits are filed and the required taxes are paid. In these states, delivery is usually accomplished within 5 business days. In other states, however, direct shipment is not permitted ("non-reciprocal" states), and product must pass through a licensed wholesaler and retailer before it can be sold-or shipped-to a customer.