Welcome to Alan's Wine Cellar

Our mission is to promote the discovery and enjoyment of wine.

From tasting to education, and from fund-raising to collecting, Alan's Wine Cellar can be of service to you.

Services Overview
Fund Raising
Wine tasting/sales are very productive for non-profits. Not only do they provide a great reason to get your group together, they also give participants a chance to taste and to buy hard-to-find wines in a relaxed, enjoyable, and non-intimidating atmosphere. The result is a fun gathering for all participants and needed funds for your organization. Read more »

Wine Tastings
Our wine tastings can take several forms, from highly structured to more informal, depending on your objectives and the number of guests. However, regardless of the format, all are designed to be fun and educational…and to provide social time for interaction with your guests. Read more »

Wine Cellar Design
The perfect custom wine cellar starts with the design. And our designs give you a personally-tailored wine cellar that becomes more than just a place to store wine - it becomes a place to fit your lifestyle. Read more »

Wine Courses
This is a comprehensive course that can be customized to your particular needs. The number of sessions, when and where, and even the content can be tailored to your circumstances, wine knowledge, and interest. Read more »

Cellar Stocking
Let Alan work with you to develop a "game plan" for finding the perfect wines for your taste.
He will then put together a recommended cellar of fabulous wines from California and around the world to match your criteria. Read more »

Wine Search
Need a special bottle of wine...winery, vintage, size? Let Alan find it... Read more »